I have been preparing cards for an Orchid show in Yarrawonga on the 16-17th September, at the Showgrounds. I am making other cards to have my very first market stall at the Showgrounds (Rotary sunday Market) on the 17th September. I'm also getting myself and my new Gazebo up and running for the Christmas Market at the 294 Gallery in Corowa on the 24th November (Saturday). I've never done this kind of outdoor market before. I have done 2 indoor craft shows a number of years ago. I am stretched, taut, frantic and already shattered, as I am a one girl band. There are no friendly elves in the background helping me to make cards. My artwork comes with copy rights that I must adhere to, I can only sell what I make, not give the artwork to have someone make them for me. Progress is absorbing but slow. I'm praying for sunshine at both locations, and please not over 28 degrees! If worry was good for weight losing, I'd be rake handle. I have a number of cards to photograph and enter onto the website....If only the days were 48 hours long and I had the stamina.

Waiting for the breath of Spring to arrive. My ornamental Manchurian Pear tree has started to blossom. It is a pity it last less than 10 days. Although we get sunny days, it is still very cold. Still too early to put away my winter 'jamies..

I have been working on a number of cards that have orchids as decorations on them. I am preparing them for the local Orchid show, and I will make extra to show you on this site. I hope you like them.

I have many finished of other styles, and if I can just improve my photography skills, you will see them soon.


Why one only? Well I have so many artworks and templates that it is hard to know what will capture your imagination. I can reproduce and I do, after I've sold the one I made.

I regularly go back and remake the ones that sold, but it could be 6 months later. If one is not there that you particularly wanted, let me know by email, and I can put it back on the to do list, and keep you informed.

I have been requested by one lovely lady for a male golf card, so I am remaking 4 of the designs I have and will shortly upload them. I uploaded one lady golfer card, today which is quite comical, I hope you like it. 

I've updated a number of cards, including a set of bookmarks for children or the avid readers amongst you. I still have a number to add to the site. I fell into a hole with one wedding card, it is beautiful but won't add onto the site. There must be something wrong with the photo itself, so it will have to wait until tomorrow. I'm off to Hydrotherapy boy do I need it. Blub blub splash splash.

I have updated some prices and deleted those too slow to sell. I have updated another dozen designs today, only 40 more to go. whew.

My Norton protection advised of someone in China trying to get into my accounts. It makes me shiver. They would have been very disappointed though, I am not a large production company, and there are slim pickings here! So keep your virus checkers up to date and any other protection devices and programs. This attacker may have thought I was a large company and wanted to copy my cards. I have the copy rights to reproduce my cards, signed by the authors. They will pursue to the High Court, anyone they think is stealing from them. (Just as I would). 

During this winter I have had a viral cough. I guess many of you will have had a similar trial. Roll on dryer summer times, I hope the cough stops then. Have a wonderful day people!

I gave an Afternoon Tea Party for my birthday, but didn't tell the invitees I made it a Mad Hatters Party. When they arrived I gave them the hats or props, sent them down the passageway viewing all the posters, coloured lights and other decorations. At the bottom of the passagweay the curtain drawn across it was decorated with "Come Down The Rabbit Hole" where upon entering the lounge kitchen area the table decorated with Hearts, lights, and various other items. I forgot to mention I met them at the door wearing a red wig, and Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and Spades cut out in felt and tacked onto a red top and black slacks. I turned 71 and they were open mouthed in surprise at all this fun stuff. I had made the hats etc. so it was a very "Handmade" party. Self inking rubber stamps were used to stamp the grin on the Cheshire cat, After, blindfolding each one and turning them around twice. This was an hilarious game. The photographer was a surprise when he turned up to a party of over 65 yr oldies in all stages of frivolity. Everone had a fun day on a cold saturday afternoon and raced for the door with surprise wondering if their husbands were starving at 6.15pm. Just goes to show I am still young enough to make a fool of myself, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I've been hard at work crafting some new cards. But I have run out of showing space, so I will need to move some cards off the site, so I can enter a few new ones. I generally make 3 to 6 designs each week, and may make up to 3 of each so all that can take time. Hand cutting them takes some time too. I don't have magic elves to help. (sigh).  I hope you are all handling the quick descent into winter. I love it, but it can come as a shock to the system. I've managed to see three movies at the theatre these last 2 weeks. What a treat! But the walk back to the cold car breathing steam out of my mouth, has taken me back to the good old school days. I had to ride a bike to school summer, winter, rain, sun, frost and sometimes sleet or snow. Necessity, we didn't have a car. I wonder how many of our younger generation does that? Well.... back to the cards, Keep tuning in, as I never know when I can set aside the day for photographing the new cards. So you need to check in regularly. Have a wonderful winter with me.

Here I am back at work after a difficult few months. When you have a health scare it takes a few months to get over and through it. It's a little like waiting for another suspicious noise in an empty house at night time. Did I really hear that noise? was it in my head? Just breathe deeply. Listen. What it was just the garden bush scraping the window! Whew, go back to sleep. 

I've loaded a few more new items on the site. My cut finger has healed and I no longer have a big plaster on it, so I don't have to wear plastic gloves while card making. I expect I will be more productive this month. I have a guest crafter this month. Sue. She has given me a few small cards that have a simple design and are great for a quick message, to someone you know. I don't often make the small cards that are about 4 x 5 inches in size. I normally work in the larger 8 x 8 inch size.

I will be taking some of the cards off the site and replacing them with newer ones. If you have had your eye on one that disappears, you can email to ask about that card. It my just be taken off, but still available. Keep looking I change things around every know and then.

I have been struggling with the index finger on my left hand bandaged for 3 weeks and still some more time to go. Tip for the unwary, becareful not to allow the scalpel to jump off the ruler when slicing downwards. The result is a sliced through section of the index fingernail to the nailbed. I'm bandaged up and hoping to grow a new nail slowly to allow for the removal of the cut through nail. sounds technical, but it is just inconvenient. Without a fingernail every thing I touch would hurt. Now you know what the fingernail is for. Not for decoration but for safety.

However I have loaded many more cards up for you to see. There are a few Valentine's day cards I've put up online, running late I know, but you could always curry favour with "I love you any day of the year". Works if you have been especially a bad boy. Remember Mothers Day is just so close now, make your purchase and tick that off your list. Whose birthday have you been missing? Check the Bargain Bin to see if there are a few less pricey cards in there. It's always great to have a few in the drawer to save the embarassment of being caught out. Before you know it, Fathers Day will be on the horizon.

Here's another hot summer day. Slip, Slop, Slap and by the time you get all that done, and feel all sticky, you may as well stay inside and order online. I'd rather read a book than go to the supermarket, and battle the heat anyway.