Snow is falling in the alps and the high country in the North East of the state. I can't see it. Although I feel it in my bones. Since arriving up here 5 years ago, I gave away many jumpers and coats, it is always much warmer than down the lower part of the state. PLEASE give them back to me! I have been rabbitting around boxes and wardrobes looking for anything to keep that chill out. Everything has changed! I FEEL the cold now. I must have been acclimatised. How and when I do not know. Leggins, socks, 2 jumpers and thick tracksuit pants are my wardrobe must haves now. I look like a blimp. or a colourful snowlady. With all this gear on getting in and out of the car, is a sight to behold!

Locked in at home, I searched and found a few Christmas cards that I hadn't made last year. I have printed out a few copies and am now in the process of cutting them out. Some cards are so intricate that it takes 2 hours to cut out with small sharp nosed embroidery scissors. I use those to get into the small corners of the artwork. It feels like the advertised Christmas of north of the Equator, so I am taking this opportunity to "feel" a little Christmas Spirit. I'll put the cards up on the website as I finish them. 

I completed a workshop with Australiana motifs a short time ago, like cockatoos, old wooden barns, kangaroos and other native animals. We would see these at our Chrismas time, when the hot sun had already browned off the grass, but  Santa would have to be in "Budgie smugglers" and the reindeer would have to wait in the snow so the kangaroos could take over. Just as soon as I see this stamp or artwork I will obtain it so I can offer a different Christmas. Yes I'm laughing too at Santas' fur trimmed budgie smugglers.

Remember to look at all the cards listed, as many of them have alternate greetings or sentiments. It's hard for me to use a verse inside if the same card is birthday or get well, so most of my cards don't have a verse inside. It's okay. I know you can think of something far more personal to write that I ever could.

My visitors have driven 6 hours home to face whatever teenagers do to a house, when Mum and Step Dad are gone for a long weekend! We worked on little handyman jobs around the house, went to a large fair with many stalls. Saw all the very happy winery visitors. We staggered back to the car, not because we imbibed, because none of us drink alcohol, but because with over 200 stalls it took a long time to walk around. The day was a sunny one in winter, so was a special one, spent with close family.

Here's a card I worked on over the week end because it was cool, it was winter and I thought of cool christmasses in other parts of the world. It is The Wolf. I made it on a blue card to really match his eye colour to startle us.

I hope you are all enjoying Winter, it so nice to have defined seasons.

In wintertime the weeks seem to go slowly. Despite the daylight arriving later and dissappearing earlier. This week end I am awaiting family for a visit, but I'm going to impose a task or two for them to do for me. Actually I'm going to beg. My niece types faster than me, so I hope to have her do more of the entering of card descriptions. There is so much to do, and I want to go back to my love, which is, making the cards themselves. I have many new cards to make, and the world keeps getting in the way of me doing so.

Rutherglen Wine Weekend is on up here in the North East of the state. Lookout for the people in crazy costumes climbing on and off the buses. If you are going to be happy, you may as well dress up funny. It is a sight to behold even without the wine. This year we will go to the street markets, I've heard the main street is closed to traffic, and only open to us who can walk. I may need a drink by the time I get to the end of it.

I received a surprise card in the mail today from the local Vet Clinic. My last dog was put to sleep 2 weeks ago, and this card was signed by all the staff in memory of my dog. It was a nice surprise.

I'm going to make a few cards with some of the pictures of my four footed trio.

Hey Ho, it's off to work I go. 

After so long a summer, it's beautiful seeing rain. Hearing it splash down the guttering into the tank. I live in a house with a tiled roof, so I no longer get the pleasure of hearing the rain on the tin roof. How pleasureable to lie confortable and warm in bed and listen to the drumming. Sometimes now I have a surprise when I open the shades to see it has been raining.

I'm sorry to say my last dog at 19 years of age, was put to sleep recently. He loved to walk in the rain. Didn't want a doggy raincoat. Always waited til he got inside to shake off the drops. ALL over me, and the front door and passage walls. He beat me to that before I could reach for his towel. A yelp of excitement and racing down the passageway to stand at the door to the dog treat cupboard.

I have a great card to make of a puppy dog sitting inside pink rubber boots.

It will make me smile.

Wear your rubber boots, take your umbrella and dance in the puddles today.

Here we are in winter finally afer such a long hot summer. Yet the crystal blue skies make it a pleasure to be alive, even if it is indoors when it rains. Or outside taking the opportunity to wear long boots, warm jumpers and heavy overcoats. The rivers are flowing, the ducks are quacking and the frogs! The frogs are calling for mates. "Come and see me, I prepared a great watery home for our future offspring. Come my love, come."

This reminds me to pull out the card about ducks and make it up. "you quack me up!"

I'll turn off the underground water system or I'll be hosting many of them in my backyard.

Please feel free to browse the categories on my website. Many of the artworks have multiple greetings. Very handy if you forget to write the card for Aunties birthday, it may have another greeting for your daughter that you can stick on, and the card's not wasted. All the alternate greetings have the adhesive on the back, and just like envelopes, it's easy to peel off.

Write something that is uplifting, funny, inspirational or compassionate inside. You know what will appeal to the receiver.