Finally got the new camera, all whistles, zooms, landscape and other features I'm to intimidated to find out about. I apologise for being lax with the blog, but it has been an up and down winter for me. However I am determined to look forward to spring. Thanks to the lovely people who have bought from the site, and those returning for more choices. Just got to get the ball rolling again, or the photo flashing again. I have made a number of cards to present to you, just get my glasses on and do it. Cheers.

Last weekend I had a stall or table, at the Lioness Craft Market at Yarrawonga. This was held at the Mulwala RSL Club, as the Town Hall was undergoing repairs. It's a long day for me.

Up at was okay but the sorting packing, the boxes and then the car so my friendly helper can help me to sell my cards.  Had to be on deck there from 8am to 4 pm. Phew. I have a better understanding of all those stall holders at markets around Australia, who do this regularly each Sat, Sun and/or Public holidays.It was a great friendly market, and visitors and buyers to my table were full of praise for my creations. Makes the lonely hours worth it.

Now back to replacing many of the cards on my website soon. We need a fresh look so that will happen soon(ish). I'm loving the cooler weather, instead of 35-40+ degrees changed now to 25-30 degrees. Breathing nicely now. Have a wonderful day.

I'm  just back from 2 weeks sailing the ocean grey, surrounding NZ. Our captain, ducked and weaved the ship to avoid sailing into a cyclone. That meant that a number of my booked tours were cancelled, as we didn't make the port, or were late finding a berth or were running late getting there. Very cold was to be expected, but the lack of sunlight, affected a number of the passengers. who couldn't wait to strip down to swimmers, even if a suntan was a miracle that didn't happen. I am returning to health and I hope happiness. Lots of ozone was breathed in, that ought to mean an extra 5 years of life. Ha ha.  So I am going back to start loading some more card photos up. I hope you have all had a nice summer with or without a suntan. Cheers.


Every one I speak to here, wonders when Autumn will come. We are all so over Summer in 30-42 degree heat. It is hard to work at home as the water cooler ( a wonderful invention) makes the paper and cardboard damp. So all things must be kept in boxes and/or covered by plastic. This summer was a hard one for me. Gone are the days where it was great to get out and bake in the sun, swim in the pool, river or sea. To be truthful even the fish would get out of the river or sea if I embarassed them, by swimming there. Slowly we have had a few cooler nights (19-23 degrees) so I;m breathing a little easier, and looking forward to get my act back together. Don't forget my site has same sex wedding cards ready for you. There are many other beautiful cards just waiting for you to delight the receiver. I am displaying my cards at the Craft Expo in Yarrawonga on 21st April at the Club Mulwala. If you're in the area, there will be many other kinds of craft on display and like me, doing a demonstration. Hope you are breathing easily and getting ready for a nice easy Autumn.

Now that the Christmas and New Years Season is over, we are all returning to work. Happy or not. My season was not all that wonderful, and I am glad to breathe freely again. I'm sure many of you feel the same. The pressure is over and now we all breathe easily. My photos are all to be deleted as I didn't think they were good enough. So the whole process starts again. So until I have some more photos to load, I will wish you a peaceful January. I have made 40 more designs if only I could hold a camera steady.

Christmas is almost here again, and after the big storm last night ( that I slept through ) the temperature has dropped here along the Murray River. However only temporarily, before the horrible heat comes back. I used to love the heat, but I really am over all that these days. I wonder how much it will cost to move to a cooller area of Australia.? As long as the coolling system works, I guess I will be housebound for the next three months. I am recovering from a little health problem, we all get these ups and downs, so barely managed to get Christmas cards out to my family this year. I will do my best to be more regular with this blog. I am sorting photos taken of my cards and checking the best ones to upload to the site, so hope to have that doon soon.

I will take this time to wish you all a safe, peaceful Christmas, a merry New Years Eve and a prosperous 2018. Drive safely, you are needed.

The marriage equality bill has passed and now the rush for weddings. Congratulations for all those who fought for all Australians to be treated equally. I made a number of same sex wedding cards and put them on my site months ago, please check CELEBRATIONS on my website for a few nice ones. I have about 30 other cards to be put on my site in the next day or so. I have spent the last 2 weeks printing and making over 40 cards for family and friends, after a small operation where the stitches didn't heal correctly, so I have not had time to enter many extra Christmas Cards this year to the site. I am up and running again, and will continue to add to the site. Have a wonderful Christmas Season, and a safe New Year period. For those of you readying yourselves and family for a wedding - at last- Congratulations, "We are all Australians". 


Today will be a photography day. I have made  another 10 designs and now need to photograph them, crop them to size and reshoot any that are blurry. (My hand shakes sometimes) "Ain't arthritis grand!" a phrase I heard from my grandmother, certainly means something to me now. I hope you all have a wonderful day where ever you are listening or watching the big race.

I'm working to tidy up the photos I have taken with two types of cameras. They need to be cut down as I took two of the same card sometimes, the best one will be used. Sorry to take so long, but family committments intervened.I've had family staying overnight, a number of times due to a family situation. I'd tired myself out of making cards for a week, I made so many in a short time, so the break was welcome really. This weekend I went to Brookfield Maze in Myrree, Victoria. Got lost in there.Needed a toilet. Mazes don;t have them in the centre, along any of the passages, in fact no where inside. You have to GET OUT OF THEM, to find one.  Now back home without an incident, I must put nose to grindstone and finish the marathon photo production.